Welcome to The Courtyard.

We are a small online solutions company with big ideas. With over a decade of experience we offer comprehensive professional website solutions for your business.

We take our work seriously and handcraft all of our websites right here at The Courtyard. We also pride ourselves, not just on the quality of work we produce, but the relationships we have with our clients.


So, who am I?  I’m Dean McCann, a 30 something online specialist who loves helping small businesses succeed online. Admittedly, I’m no spring chicken, but I bring with me over 12 years experience designing and developing online solutions for businesses large and small.

It’s been a long journey to get here, it all began back in 1999 after I applied and was accepted on the STEP Programme sponsored by Shell. I was tasked with delivering and presenting an ecommerce store in six weeks for a local small business. I was awarded for my work by Shell and decided that websites would be a good fit from there on.  In 2000, at the height of the dotcom bubble, I was offered a job as a web developer for a leading web agency in London and after a few years of cutting my teeth on some early web content management projects, I decided to venture out taking on some large online corporate communication projects with UBS Investment Bank, the BBC, London Fire Brigade and the NHS.

I am always seeking to improve myself with each and every project I work on and I simply enjoy helping clients succeed online through my work at Courtyard Creative.

When I’m not working, I enjoy spending time with my daughter and lovely wife, eating, reading, thinking about WordPress and talking nonsense on Twitter.

If you want to hire me, you can contact me directly by pressing that little toggle button below.

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