Bumpstart Babyshop


Bumpstart Babyshop had outgrown their old ecommerce website and found their store and online marketing to be costly and producing little to no return. Bumpstart asked us to help them raise the profile of their business online and recommend a new ecommerce solution that would help them reduce costs and attract and retain new customers online.

We worked closely with Bumpstart Babyshop building a recommendation based on the requirements of their business and planned a comprehensive ecommerce and online advertising strategy. We setup and customized a new ecommerce store on the Magento Go platform that supported their extensive catalogue of over 500 products and maintained their existing brand and identity that there customers had become familiar with over the past 20 years. Our solution also included a monthly Google AdWords campaign that generated over 300 new visitors to the ecommerce store monthly, and provided strategic product placement in targeted geographic areas both locally and nationally.

Since relaunching their new Magento Go ecommerce store and Google AdWords product campaigns, Bumpstart Babyshop have seen some remarkable results. In just 4 days of launching their ecommerce store and integrated Google AdWords campaign, Bumpstart broke all existing sale records seeing an immediate +20% increase in sales directly through the store.

Our relationship with Bumpstart Babyshop continues today with monthly Google Adwords campaigns and managed support and consultancy for their ecommerce store.