The Volunteer


The Volunteer was first designed back in 2010 and since that time the website had become largely out of date and unsupported. The website files and software had also become infected with viruses. The website was difficult to maintain or update, visitors to the site experienced difficulty trying to browse pages and search engines were ignoring the site the due to it’s compromised security and lack of fresh content.

Hugo Chittenden of The Volunteer asked us to help get the website back on its feet as quickly as possible. Hugo was keen on the existing look and feel of the site and needed to keep all of the content. The existing site also hosted featured extensive video content and this also needed to be migrated and repurposed for the new site.

Within 4 weeks, we built a new responsive template structure and custom WordPress theme that could accommodate the existing content, design and branding from the website. We also migrated across all of the existing website content, blog, and multi-media video content onto a new hosted version of WordPress.

Key features and improvements of the new website included; a robust responsive framework so the site is easily accessible on desktop and handheld devices. Improved typography with built in Google Web Fonts. Responsive embedded YouTube video content that resize on any device. All video content migrated and hosted on the dedicated Volunteer YouTube channel. More intuitive publishing for blogging and content updates and improved SEO and search engine ranking with fresh WordPress installation and optimised content.

The Volunteer is a project that looks to work and volunteer with charities doing specialized projects overseas focusing on a selection of humanitarian issues.  The main objective is to raise awareness and funding for the charity while also giving an insight into the life of a volunteer.

The Volunteer aims to televise the experience of volunteering as part of a series aimed at documenting and highlighting the efforts of various charities overseas often operating in difficult and dangerous circumstances.

To find out more about The Volunteer and view our work please visit the website.