Wowzers, it’s been a busy few months here at The Courtyard. One project that I’m super excited to tell you all about is the launch of my brand new WordPress theme shop, Courtyard Themes.

Courtyard Themes is a trusted place where website owners and small businesses can download and customize professional, affordable websites with confidence.

So why WordPress themes? And more to the point, why release a photography theme?  The history goes all the way back to 2012 when I first opened the doors to Courtyard Creative.

When I started Courtyard Creative, I had numerous requests from photographers to design and develop made to measure photography websites for their growing businesses. This was something I was particularly excited about and I spent many hours chatting with individuals about their requirements and writing proposals based on all the special custom features they wanted developed into their own photography websites.

“Classic, on trend design. Must be developed in the latest standards, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery sliders, gallery management, password protected galleries, social media integration…”

The list went on and on….

The one problem I faced with every single proposal was providing all of these features in a custom website at a cost that the one-person photography business on the side of the day job could afford. Realistically, this wasn’t feasible and so a problem was born.

Now when I see problems I also see solutions. So, I decided I would build a premium quality photography website that could satisfy all of the individual photographer requirements I had been asked to design and develop.

The result? A beautifully designed, completely customizable photography theme loaded with the kind of features that photographers love.


Shutter is fully responsive all the way down to your mobile and is customizable straight out of the box. Choose between light or dark color schemes, upload your own custom logo and favicon, or opt for a plain text option. Change your background color or image and style your website with a selection of the best Google Web Fonts on the web.

Images take central place in Shutter. The theme supports auto-resizing of all images and features full gallery management options. Feature your work with the homepage slider, slideshow gallery, filterable gallery, password protected gallery and simple image posts. There’s nine different page templates to choose from, including a blog, an easy to setup contact form and full width template for your content pages.

You can check out all the theme features over on the new Courtyard Themes website where you can try out the theme demo and of course download the theme straight to your inbox.


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